Thanks for your interest in a bulk purchase. I sell in bulk to realtors, title agencies, marketing companies and other businesses. The minimum requirement for a bulk purchase is 20 calendars. The cost depends on quantity, timing and who you are giving them to, but the prices are always much, much lower than retail.

As of 12/19 I am sold out of inventory... However I might get some unsold product back from retailers in January.

If I do get some back, here are the prices:

  • Buy 50+ calendars for $3 each. 
  • FREE fast delivery to one location in Portland
  • No resellers, please

Email me at mike@bigweekendcalendars.com and I'll put you on the waiting list. Thanks Portland!

Thanks for your interest and support in my small business!

Mike Stefanik, Creator of Portland Events wall calendars.